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AltRider アルトライダー ガード・スライダー Crash Bars and Frame Slider Kit カラー:Black Multistrada 1200 15-カラー:Silverはこちら




Multistrada 1200 15-

A machine like the Multistrada requires the best protection available, which is why we created the AltRider Crash Bars for the Ducati Multistrada 1200.
Made of 1 inch stainless steel, these crash bars are built with precision-manufactured mounts that integrate directly into the motorcycle’s frame through the motor mount. They are self-reinforced by a cross bar, and wrap protectively around the fairings, radiator and water pump. The AltRider Crash Bars are made with a shot peen satin finish, so even after the bike takes a spill the stainless bars will never show signs of rust.
Seamless installation of frame sliders rounds out an attractive and strong solution. Made from abrasion and impact resistant plastic, these sliders integrate seamlessly into the AltRider Crash Bar mount by attaching via billet aluminum offset, designed to effectively transfer the impact load to the crash bars. Because of the direct mount to the bars, the frame avoids damage that can occur in a crash when frame sliders are bolted directly to the frame itself.
The sliders utilize plastic with good lubrication and wear properties, so AltRider frame sliders can survive a longer slide than those made with other common materials. Additionally, the ability to resist impact is high, making the slider less likely to snap off or crack in a crash. We also chose to use high strength chromoly steel rod instead of commonly used all-thread or stainless steel (read more about why).
Crash bars are available in silver or black.
An additional light mount kit is available for the 2015 and newer models to mount the OEM lights to the crash bars. Select ”with light mount kit” from the drop-down menu to include this kit. Light mount kit not available for 2010-2014 model crash bars.
Please note - crash bars interfere with original mounting point of OEM auxiliary lights, mounting kit is required to continue use of OEM lights.
・1 inch stainless steel construction
・Hand TIG welding
・Includes frame sliders and chromoly steel bolt
・Height: 16 inches (40.6 cm)
・Width: 6 inches (15.2 cm)
・Depth: 10 inches (25.4 cm)
・Weight: 10 lbs (4.5 kg)

Kit Parts: AltRider Crash Bar Frame Sliders for the Ducati Multistrada (1)

※Note: This kit does not include the short engine bolt required to run the crash bars without the frame sliders. If you would like the option to run the crash bars alone, you should order the crash bars and frame sliders individually.

フレーム Multistrada 1200 15- AltRider アルトライダー MU15-2-1002
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